Illuminations of The Vizier

“He is away Vizier.”

Of this I am made aware. Webs bring news promptly. On route to your Capital?

“Yes. He is to be a Royal Advisor. Though I do not think he has the stomach for what they do.”

You speak of politicians. We have trained him well my son. He knows how to listen to the web of lies spun by these humans.

“Sent to the finest school in Ivalice and yet I fear we have left him ignorant of certain ways of the world. His mission is of the most secret nature. I can only hope he stays the course.”

Perhaps we have woken the devil we thought was left behind.

“Were we careless to let our vigil fall?”

Our time of watching has been long. It is time your race takes up the vigil and saves their world. We assisted in the last suppression of those foul beings. I fear we have not yet recovered from our losses those thirty years ago.

“And I was by your side, powerless.”

Fear not my son. Those our agent will gather shall find what blots out the Light.

“And if they do not my old master?”

Then the Great Mothers of the Underdark will have no need to fear the surface. And we shall face a threat far worse than you can imagine.

Illuminations of The Vizier

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