Tag: Gemini


  • King Angus Kenderick

    Angus did not know how to feel about becoming king at one point in his life this would have been a dream but so much had happened since then. He would trade it all just to be with Ilyena. But that is all behind him now and everyone is counting on him to …

  • Alistair Metaxas

    Alistair is the son of [[:narcissa-kenderick-sa-larg-sa-metaxas | Narcissa Metaxas]]. Despite his mothers shady reputation he as proved time and again to be an upstanding citizen. He is slated to be the next ruler of Favoham and is actively involved in …

  • Dawn Kruger Vilaro

    Having been with the Vilaro Family all of her life, Dawn developed a deep connection with Kenji through years of growing up together. The two married very young and have 6 children.