Rachel Cohen

Ambassador to Ivalice, Mage, The Prodigy, Omdalian


Age: 32
Height: 5’9
Weight: 120lbs
Lifepaths: City Born, Neophyte Sorcerer, Rogue Sorcerer, Sorcerer, Court Sorcerer, Adviser to the Court

Traits: Extremely Respectful of One’s Better, Spooky, Inscrutable, Stunningly Beautiful, Gifted, Second Sight, Low Born

I will discover who my parents are.
It is my duty as ambassador to protect the interest of people. I will sway the princess to my side.
Riovannes has magical knowledge of enchanting. I must find a way to study there.

When meeting new people do aura reading.
At every opportunity make Nathan jealous.
If I think I am being lied to cast Emperor’s Hand and demand the truth.

Nathan Legunov: 2D hateful, forbidden, romantic
Alonzo Goltana: 1D hateful, forbidden, romantic
Alistair Metaxes: 1D friendly

Omdalian court 1D

“The Prodigy” 1D general public
“The Prodigy” 1D infamous any noble court or elite group


Emperor’s Hand
Chaos Ward
Eldritch Shield
Witch Flight
Storm of Lighting
Turn Aside the Blade
Arcane Kindness

7 point secret entrance
enchanting tool kit


Happiness is something that has been rare and fleeting in my life. Some of the best and worse experiences of my life occurred while I served as ambassador to Ivalice. I had thought that perhaps I had found it with Alanzo Goltana shortly after I arrived in Ivalice. True he was already married, but marriage never stopped a noble from falling in love. Of course I was wrong about Alanzo, I had thought, I had hoped that he was not his family’s legacy. When a vote came before the court to stabilize the border between Zeltennia and Omdialia or to push it back another 20 miles he swore to me he would vote for stabilization, but when the time came he voted to push it back. After the vote we met in alley near the capital and fought quite vocally about this. I felt that I had been completely deceived by him. Our relationship ended in that alley way, but another was formed. Nathan Legnov heard our argument and after Alanzo left he approached me about helping the Murand Revolutionaries. Nathan helped me to see that while we had different end games, we could be useful to one another. I began to help Nathan and after a time I fell in love with him. Sadly, our relationship was short lived as well. The last time I saw Nathan he furious about my leaving Ivalice. When his attempts to persuade me to stay with him fail he lashed out and said things that he knew would be the most hurtful. The yelling when went on for quite some time but the basic gist was that he thought himself a fool for ever thinking that an orphan could understand loyalty. He knew me well enough to know what would hurt the most and each arrow he fire landed with amazing accuracy.

I was 17 when Talia found me, and I was scared. The orphanage was not a great home, but it was all I had ever known and when I turned 18 that would be gone as well. She said she had heard that I had the gift and wanted to see if I could be trained. I still don’t understand why she did this. Plenty of people have the gift, but training cost money and I didn’t have any to give. She said that students who were special could train without worrying about tuition. So I did everything I had to to be special. The only thing that ever distracted me from my magical training was the conflict between Omdalia and Ivalice, living on the border I saw how Ivalice’s expansion harmed my people. When I was just an orphan I was helpless, but after I learned sorcery I felt like I had to do something, fight back.
I have risen to prominence in Omdalia. But they never let me forget where I came from, they call the Prodigy, the casual observer might think that they call me this because I have learned and mastered in less than ten years what others take a lifetime to learn. In truth it is a backhanded compliment bestowed upon me by the nobility, a reminder that I come from no one and although they allow me in there presence I am not one of them. Much to their displeasure my nickname has been interpreted differently by the general public. I am given the title of Advisor to the Court and am an ambassador to Ivalice, but I know that my position is tenuous at best. I was chosen for my post because right now no other mage in Omdalia can rival me. If this changes everything I have will be gone, and that is why I cannot stop. Why I have to keep learning. I have trained my body to take as much damage as is humanly possible, but it is not enough. Enchanting is the only way I can overcome the weakness of human flesh. Omdialia has only a limited knowledge of enchanting, if I am to increase my skill I must study at Riovannes. There is another reason why I anxious to go to Ivalice. After I came from Ivalice I was sent to visit the orphanage I grew up in, as part of my ambassador duties. The headmistress pulled me aside told me that the woman who left me there was an Ivalician woman, and based on her clothing she was either a from a wealthy merchant family or she was noble. She said she had been instructed not to tell me, but she felt that she could no longer keep that from me. She didn’t have any other information. I don’t understand why an Ivalician woman gave me up in Omdalia and for that matter I don’t understand why a woman of obvious means would leave me at an orphanage. Before this conversation I had never given much thought to my parents. I simply assumed they were dead, but ever since this happen a question has been burning in the back of my head, who are my parents and why did they abandon me?

Rachel Cohen

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