Prince Nakahiro

Head of the Diplomatic Caravan to Ivalice and Crown Prince of Nihon, Heir to the Sun Throne

  • Age: One does not ask the age of the Crown Prince
  • Height: Approximately 5’5"
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Position: Crown Prince of Nihon, Heir to the Sun Throne

The eldest son of the Emperor, Nakaji is the heir to the throne. Though distant from his father, he is respectful as befits his position but he is also grounded.

The Emperor sent his son to study in Ivalice for a time, to broaden his horizons. It is here he met Mica, his first love. Their time together, however short, left an impression on the young Prince he carries with him to this day.

Having one such as Katsuo for a teacher has given him humility in the face of his subordinates, which grants him much respect. He is quiet, retrospective, calm and yet he seems indecisive, a characteristic he must outgrow to sit upon the Throne.

Prince Nakahiro

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