Ella Kenderick Metaxas

Daughter of Germaine Kenderick and Nikolas Metaxes, Court Sorcerer of Ivalice, The Awakening Tempest


Age: 32
Height: 5’4
Weight: 110lbs

Reputation: The Awakening Tempest

Traits: Mark of Privledge, Base Humility, Gifted, Inscrutable, Spooky, Obscure Aura, Strong Willed, Eidetic Memory


The daughter of Germaine Kenderick and Natsumi Vilaro. Both of Ella’s biological parents were lost in the war. Her mother lost to the lucavi when she was an infant and her father gave his life to protect his family. Nikolas Metaxes is the only father Ella has ever known and Narcissa Kenderick Sa’Larg Sa’Metaxes is the closest thing she has to a mother. Raised at Riovannes with her cousin Alistair, Ella was given everything a girl could want growing up. She is a gifted and powerful mage. Her father and Narcissa have hinted that when the time is right, Ella and Alistair will become more powerful than they have ever dreamed possible, never given any explanation as to how this will happen. Ella has had many suiters over the yearsbut has turned down everyone. Rumors have flown around court that she may have picked up some of her fathers’ preferences in a lover.

Ella Kenderick Metaxas

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