King Angus Kenderick

Absent King, The Ivalician Juggernaut


Age 59
Height 5’10"
Weight 190lbs
Reputations: The Ivalician Juggernaut (3D), Death of His Mother (1D), Heretic (2D),
Traits: Mark of Privilege, Savvy, Disciplined, Night Owl, Distant, Heretic, Merciless, Commanding Aura.


Angus did not know how to feel about becoming king at one point in his life this would have been a dream but so much had happened since then. He would trade it all just to be with Ilyena. But that is all behind him now and everyone is counting on him to lead the country in a new direction. With the protection of Maximilian Nar’Kenderick his word could be absolute. However, he does his best to allow the court system to work only stepping in when he feels it is essential. Angus grew worried as he heard of ships dissapearing as they venture to the south this was to reminisant of what he had been through with the Lucavi. He left his sister Annalise in charge as the Queen Regent until his daughter is of age, that was over a year ago. With tensions from Nihon and Omdalia growing coupled with these increasingly lengthy eclipses, the country needs it’s King now more than ever but he is no where to be found.

King Angus Kenderick

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