Alistair Metaxas

Son of Alexander Metaxas and Narcissa Kenederik Sa'Larg Sa'Metaxas. Heir to Favoham.

  • Age: 33
  • Height: 5’11
  • Weight: 180

Born Noble, Arcane Devotee, Sorcerer, Engineer, Lord, Court Sorcerer

Traits:Mark of Priveledge, Base Humility, It just might work, Your Lordship, Inscrutable, Gifted, Calm Demeanor

My mother has ruled Favoham long enough it is time for her to step aside, this mission is my opportunity to prove to her that I am ready.
Expansion will be the downfall of Ivalice, make contact and offer aide to the Omdailian resistance.
Kenji Vilaro has previously thwarted my plans to prove my worth to my mother. He will not get another chance to do it again.

A true leader should not be afraid to get his hands dirty.
Always maintain plausible deniability.
Always maintain a calm demeanor in public.


Narcissa Kenderik Sa’Larg Sa’Metaxas 2D friendly
Ella Kenderik Metaxas 1D friendly

Havok Hand
White Fire
Breath of wind
Delerium Tremens
Whisper on the Wind


People always seem to feel bad for Ella and myself because we were raised by Narcissa and Nikolas. I don’t understand this. My mother has taught me the rules of power. Some mothers try to shelter their children from the way the world works but my mother wanted me to be prepared. I have learned very useful skills from my mother and the from her mistakes I have learned when to ulitize them and when to bide my time. Also since my mother is Narcissa when something unfornuate happens to someone who has slighted me people can never be sure if it was my mother or me. I have been groomed for power since childhood. I love my mother but do not always agree with her. She promotes the expansionism that I fear will be our countries undoing, and she still thinks that I am not ready to rule Favoham. It is time my mother accepts that my time to rule has come and retire.

I had a chance to prove to my mother I was ready to rule Favoham. I spent months carefully planning how to rout out a rebellion. I had my contacts in place and was days away from executing my plan, but Kenji Vilaro couldn’t wait. I told him to wait and to trust that I had it handled. Instead he sent his troops in crushing the rebellion, compromising my contacts, and making me look like a fool. When I get my chance I will return the favor.

Alistair Metaxas

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