Alistair Metaxas

Son of Alexander Metaxas and Narcissa Kenederik Sa'Larg Sa'Metaxas. Heir to Favoham.


Alistair is the son of Narcissa Metaxas. Despite his mothers shady reputation he as proved time and again to be an upstanding citizen. He is slated to be the next ruler of Favoham and is actively involved in politics.

Alistair is particularly involved in advocating the return of Zulta to Omdalia. Alistair is known as a ‘man of the people’ because of his generous contributions to various charitable causes.

Alistair is know as an ‘academic mage’, having studied magic at Riovanes, but showing very weak spellcasting abilities. Alistair is well versed in magical theory, and has published a few works on the subject. It is rumored that Alistair has difficulty casting even the most basic of spells, and this is a source of great embarrassment for him.

Alistair Metaxas

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