It has been 30 years since the War of the Lucavi that ended when the Serpentarius revealed himself, when the Kenderick’s took control of Ivalice, since the current King Angus reluctantly took the throne.

Year: 968
The Kendericks have had the power, knowledge and allies to change the fate of their beloved country, but it hasn’t turned out the way they thought it would. Even though the Murand Glabagos Church hierarchy has been disbanded and trade opened to the masses the country still struggles internally to reestablish itself. External relations have also been uneasy with many Omdalians disappearing in Ivalice during the War of the Lucavi to never be seen again, they are assumed long dead. To make matters worse, King Angus left Ivalice a little over year ago and seemingly abandoned his country, leaving his sister Annalise to act as Queen Regent. If she dares to falter there are many willing and ready to seize the power of the throne.

Trival matters of state aside, strange things have been going on around the world since the King of Ivalice disappeared with the Serpentarious, the most notable of which being the duration of the annual solar eclipse. Instead of lasting only seconds to minutes, it has been seemingly growing in duration and severity. Last year the sun was blacked out for a little over a week while this year it has been whole month of complete darkness. The effect has been worldwide. The kingdoms of Nihon, Omdalia and Ivalice have all decided to hold court at the Royal City of Lesalia in hopes of putting aside historical struggles and arguments and forming an alliance to investigate the root of the problem.

The people of Ivalice and indeed the whole world have a gathered in the Court of Ivalice to seek answers to the burning questions: What will become of those who survived the War of the Lucavi? What fresh horror waits this new generation? Who will ultimately lead the people onward? Will the people of Ivalice ever know true peace?

Everto de Ivalice

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