The Lucavi are the demons that have attached themselves to the 13 Zodiac Stones. They were exiled from heaven after being attached to a rebellion against the Gods. Each of them have a brief history that was detailed in a document similar to the Germonik Scriptures, called the Zodiark Doctrine. It is a lost gospel of the Old Faith before the formation of the Murond Glabados Church.

Zodiac Braves


Virgo – Ultima, The High Seraph

Aries – Velius, The Warlock

Gemini –Zalera, The Angel of Death

Leo – Hashmalum, The Regulator

Scorpio –Cuchulainn. (koo cull an) the Impure

Capricorn – Adrammelech. the Wroth


Libra – Sigron, The Terrible Judge

Aquarius – Famfrit the Darkening Cloud

Pisces – Mateus the Corrupt

Sagittarius – Shemhazai, The Whisperer

Taurus – Churgin, The Walker of the Wheel

Cancer – Yakiv, The Condemner


Serpentarius – Zodiark, The Keeper of Precepts



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