A and M Corps

A&M Corps is the mercenary company orginally founded by Agrias Oaks and Meliadoul Tingel. After Agrias’ death in the War of the Lucavi and Meliadoul’s retirement, the Corps roamed in broken groups for 20 years. Years later it was reformed under the leadershop of by Henrik Nar’Larg and Annika Goltana. They are employed by many organizations throughout Ivalice for missions varying from caravan protection to festival security. They work for modest pay and do not employ brigands of any sort; they are a respectable organization.

Their motto is “Confidential, Discrete and Professional”.

The organizational ladder is as follows:


Henrik Nar’Larg & Annika Goltana


Blake O’Donnell – Operations

Alexi Petunin – Logistics

Andrew Sindri – Command


Samuel Caldwell – Infantry

Kaldvar Jvundis – Recon

Vladamir Cadmar – Calvary

Lucian Tigersoul – Sorcery

A and M Corps

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