Captain Xavier Bunanza

Eldest son of Annalise Kenderick-Bunanza, Leader of the Corp. of Engineers, Captain of The Lusty Devil, The Great Makhanik


Age: 38
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 160 lbs

Reputation: The Great Makhanik


Memories…Memories can be a funny thing. They can define your life in ways you dont expect. Most children’s first memories are beautiful dreams of happy times. Mine are of being tied in a dark room surrounded by men in black, crying for my mother and father until my lungs hurt, then my father and Uncle Pavel saving me from the darkness. After my brother was born, mother and Uncle Pavel left to fight the monsters and left us with our bodyguard Lars. Those days when father wasn’t away with mother, he was in his shop. I would try to spend time with him working on the wonderful machines. After the War, I was sent off to university to study there I met Tristan and we bonded instantly. I proceeded to follow the path of my mother and father and set to exploring the world on my Great-Uncle Malchior’s ship establishing myself as a successful engineer. Upon, uncle’s death I took over his crew, bought my own ship, and asked Tristan to join me as First-Mate. After years at sea sailing the trade routes, I was called by my mother to lead the Corp. of Engineers in Goug Machine City as she rose to the rank of Queen Regent in the absense of the King. Now strange things have begun to happen, mother thinks that they have something to do with what occured 30 years ago. But this is different…bigger…we hear them…in the dark…screaming.

Captain Xavier Bunanza

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