Queen Shayna

Queen of Omdalia, Artzi Malech (Earthly Angel)


Age: 44
Height: 5”2’
Weight: 120 lbs


Born in Omdalia to a line of royalty that can be traced back centuries, the Queen is the single most powerful woman in the country. As her father’s only heir, she ascended to the throne at 20 years of age after he passed away. As a female ruler, only the countries 2nd in its history, she at first struggled with earning the people’s respect, especially the Great Sanhedrin (a council of religious leaders that meet to resolve the countries issues). She soon proved herself to be a strong, just leader with her ability to command respect and admiration from the poorest begger to the most wealthy landowner. To the people of Omdalia she is refered to as Artzi Malech or Earthly Angel for her kindess and stength.

Queen Shayna

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