Princess Adina Kenderick

Crown Princess of Ivalice, Daugther of Angus and Hadar Kenderick


Age: 19
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 105

Reputation: Crown Princess of Ivalice

Traits: Born to be Queen, Mark of Privledge, Your Grace, Shrewd, Secretive, Cool Headed, Drop Dead Gorgeous


The daughter of the King Angus and Queen Hadar of Ivalice. Adina is the crown princess of Ivalice and is in line to claim the throne upon turning 21 years of age if her father doesn’t not return. Until then, her aunt, as appointed by her father, rules in her stead. Her father held no love for her mother and made no secret of it. Angus only slept with Hadar for purposes of producing a heir and, much to his disppointment, that heir was…a girl. The product of an unloved queen and reluctant king, Adina’s seemingly charmed life has been filled with conflict both in the kingdom and her own home. Instead of having this destroy her spirit, Adina has grown up strong and independent. Now with her father gone, as his only heir, Adina looks to inheret a country deeply divided.

Princess Adina Kenderick

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