Prince Reuben

Husband to Queen Shayna, Aryeh Noaz (Bold Lion)


Age: 45
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 190 lbs


The husband of Queen Shayna. Born Reuben Levi to wealthy nobility, he is actually the 2nd cousin of the Queen. As a young man, Rebeun joined the Omdalian Military and rose through the ranks to the status of Lord Knight. Reuben and Shayna, who have known each other their whole lives, were eventually married in a match made by the old king himself on his deathbed. In addition to his royal duties he is also the commander of the Queen’s Guard and ensures that her safety is his top priority. He has earned a reputation as Aryeh Noaz or Bold Lion as he has looked fear in the eye and never flinched. The Queen trust him explicitly with matters of state when she herself is absent.

Prince Reuben

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