Nikolas Metaxas

Archmagi of Ivalice, The Gryphon, Catamite



Height: 5’7"

Weight: 150 lb


The Archmagi of Ivalice is an interesting man. Cadamites are generally shunned by the general population, but no one is stupid enough to insult Nikolas to his face for several reasons. Firstly he is the Archmagi for good reason, secondly his sister-in-law and closest confidant is “The Black Widow of Ivalice” Narcissa Kenderik Sa’Larg Sa’Metaxes, thirdly his daughter Ella Kenderik is as nearly as powerful as her father.

After the death of his lover Germaine Kenderik, Nikolas raised Germaine’s daughter as his own. Nikolas controls the training of the mages while Narcissa oversees the running of Favoham. Friends before the deaths of Alexander Metaxes and Germaine Kenderik, they now fill the void left by their loss. Obviously they do not have a physical relationship. Although it is rumored that over the years they have each taken lovers but not for very long.

Nikolas Metaxas

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