Nikita Legunov

Cleric in Murand Glabagos Church, Former Heresy Examiner and Exile


Age: 63

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 120 lbs

Birth Sign: Cancer

Reputation: Former Heresy Examiner, Outcast


Soon after giving birth to her son Nathan, Nikita was publically shunned and placed into exile for her “crimes”. This however was a light punishment, most of the other examiners and corrupt church leaders were either publically executed or hunted down. Dispite being in exile, Nikita was determined to teach Nathan everything about the Murand Glabagos Church, its doctrine and values. After many years in exile Nikita was let back into the church as a low level cleric. The Nikita has always seen her son as a nessecary evil because while his methods are not in line with the church doctine his cause is just.

Nikita Legunov

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