Nathan Legunov

Murand Revolution Leader, The Silent Viper, Son of Nikita Legunov


Age: 29
Height 6"0’
Weight 160lbs
Reputation: Murand Revolution leader, Silent Viper


The son of Nikita Legunov, the former Cheif Heresy Examiner of the Murand Glabagos Church. Nikita gave birth to him 2 years after Serpentarius revealed himself and Angus Kenderick took power. Surviving on the streets, Nathan learned to sneak and steal what he and his mother needed to survive, he also learned the art of street fighting. Nathan is the leader of the Murand Revolutionaries and would give his life to restore power to the church and avenge his mother’s honor. His on again/off again relationship with the mysterious Rachel Cohen who randomly appears in his life just to leave again is a constant source of both consternation and amusement. The two last left of bad terms after Rachel abandoned him and the Revolutionaries during an important mission. However now, with the king away and his mother now an inside member of the church, Nathan now sees a perfect opprotunity to overthrow the government and restore the Murand Glabagos to it’s former glory.

Nathan Legunov

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