Dame Mica Stein

Adopted daughter of Tuvia Stein, The Ghost Rider of Omdolia, Bodyguard to Rachel Cohen


Age: 35
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 150 lbs

Lifepaths: City Born, Courier, Student, Engineer, Calveryman, Knight

Traits: It Just Might Work!, Sworn Homage, Eldritch Sink



  • Noble Court of Omdolia (1D)


  • The Ghost Rider of Omdalia (1D)


  • Sword (Run of the Mill)
  • Pistol and Rifle (Belonging to Tuvia)
  • Reinforced Leather Armor (Full Suit)
  • Riding Mount (Phantom)
  • Munitions Toolkit
  • Clothes
  • Jeweled Jade Necklace (Given to her by Prince Nakahiro, orginallly belonging to his mother)
  • Traveling Gear


  • Seek out the strange Invalician tech in my father’s stories
  • We have been at war too long; we must find a way to establish peace
  • I will protect the Court of Omdalia with my life.


  • Never let Rachel out of my sight
  • Never be without some form of weapon.
  • Upon losing a big deal arguement, demand satisfaction
  • Bio:

    The story of my life is a simple one…or at least it started out that way. Life is a strange and wonderful thing and I would never be what I am right now but for the kindness of one man.

    I was born into squalor. I have no idea who my parents were or are; frankly that doesn’t matter. My first memories are of the ophanage and my best friend Rachel. I was 12, Rachel 9, when a man and woman came into the orphanage. The man was gruff and worn but his face was kind. His name was Tuvia. I heard them whisper something about a “special gift” and “thats the child”. The woman quickly immediately took Rachel with her to study at the Mage academy.

    They must have seen something in me because Tuvia took me in to work as his personal courier and soon found out that I had an affinity for horses. They understood me. Their quiet strength and ability to run freely with no limitations was something I could only wish for. Tuvia would also tell me stories. Wonderful, fanciful stories of his time in Ivalice. All of the amazing things he saw and even how he helped the royal family.

    As I grew older, I began to show interest in the instruments that my father invented. He decided that I needed a proper education and sent me to the university in Ivalice. While there I met a wonderful man named Tanaka, he was a member of the Nihon royal family who was studying abroard as well. He was a kind, quiet man with eyes that showed a wisdom and experience beyond his years. We fell in love but committed to keeping it our secret as not to perpetuate a scandal. Before returning home Tanaka, who I would later find out was actually the Crown Prince of Nihon gave me a jade necklace. He told me it belonged to his mother that died many years ago and as long as I had it, I would be in his heart.

    After university, Tuvia took me under his wing and thought me his craft. At 24, with war looming on the horizen, I enlisted in the Omdalian Military’s cavalry division. I put my skills as a firearms expert to good use and rose through the ranks and quickly built a reputation as The Ghost Rider of Omdalia due to the covert way I performed my assignments. I was granted Knighthood by the Omdalian royal court and swore my life to protect my country and her people.

    Now, as our country stands at a crossroads, I must reaffirm my commitment to my people. Hopefully, Rachel in her new role as ambassador, will be able find a way to bring peace. If not, I feel all out war between our countries shall soon be upon us. Until then, I will keep pretending she can effect me with her magic. It’s actually kind of fun sometimes.

    Dame Mica Stein

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