Matsumura Ryouichi

Deceased Wife of Matsumura Katsuo


As beautiful as she was deadly, Matsumura Ryouichi was raised as a Bushi alongside the boys her age. She trained with blade and was capable of defending herself. Her father, a middle-class Samurai, responded to an offer to marry his daughter higher into the echelons of the Warrior Class. The father of Katsuo proposed the union and it was accepted, despite the bitterness Ryouichi held toward the small, quiet, older boy who was to be her husband.

She grew up, fought, had children and followed her husband as he became not a warrior, but a teacher. She resented his lack of ambition but was quiet in public. With the loss of their children, she became ridden with sorrow and resentment for Katsuo. However, she came to peace with her husband…and fell ill not long afterward.

She is buried atop the hill she received her Katana upon, under a cherry blossom tree planted by her husband.

Matsumura Ryouichi

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