Lord Ricther Goltana

Head of House Goltana; Somber Silver Lion of Zeltennia


Age: 64
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 180 lbs


After the War against the Lucavi, Richter set to slowly rebuilding his country. This proved to be very difficult as his wife Marta was unable to give birth to an heir. In his frustration, Richer began a secret affair with one of his bodyguards, a young lady name Hero. Soon after, stricken with grief and her husband’s blatant infidelity, Marta committed suicide. After Marta died the two wed thus diminishing the Goltana’s status in the court. It was quite the scandal as it was discovered that Hero was pregnant while Richter was still married. Hero gave birth to couple’s first child, a son named Alanzo and two more children followed; another son and a daughter. Hero died soon after giving birth to their daughter. This left Richter heartbroken and he retreated to Zeltennia castle and set to his business affairs leaving matters of the Court to his regent and then his eldest son. He is still rarely seen in Court unless specifically called to attend.

Lord Ricther Goltana

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