Lars Ward

Advisor the King Angus, Secret Royal Assassin, The Whirling Dervish


Age: 49

Height: 5’10"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Traits: Dutiful, Altravisio, Vigilante

Reputation: The Whirling Dervish


A young man from Limberry, he was to be trained as a squire to serve under one of the Lords of the Kenderick house. However, his figiting attitude lead him to be unfit for knighthood and was expelled from the Academy in Limberry. Seeing his potential and answering a sibling’s request, Angus Kenderick sent the young Lars to serve as a babysitter and bodyguard for his elder sister, Annalise.

He was briefly inducted into the Pharism cult that arose in southern Lionel. Once he found out it was a front for a slavery operation, he escaped into the southern countries across the Hedron Sea and lived there for most of a year. His return to Ivalice showed the Bunanzas he was a changed man. A mature, though energetic, dangerous young man who’s eyes shine with sights unknown by many. His skills wiht Katar daggers, the arts of stealth and other quasi-legal activities make him a underestimated and very dangerous opponent to those who threatened the children of the Bunanza family.

Having grown to be a trusted confidant of both Houses Bunaza and Kenderick during the War of the Lucavi, Lars and the Kings daughter, Katrina Solomon, were married soon after the conflict. After the Bunanza children grew up, he was released from his service to House Bunanza. The King soon took his son in law on as an “advisor”, at least that is his official title, to perform whatever “duties” might be necessary. When the King disappeared, Lars did as well;leaving his wife and two children behind. It is believed that he is with the King and Serpentarius for reasons yet to be known.

Lars Ward

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