Sensei Matsumura Katsuo

Veteran Samurai, Sensei to the Crown Prince of Nihon and the Oni Battousai

  • Age : 50
  • Height: 5’3"
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Lifepaths: Born Noble, Page, Squire, Knight, Captain, Captain


  • Churgan! A demon! I’ll make it leave this helpless woman’s body or I’ll send it back to the Spirit Realm by removing it’s vessel!
  • The sorrow that plagues me is unbearable…with relief from them I must discuss these horrid dreams with the Court Summoner
  • The Eclipse is a sure sign of terrible times to come. I will protect the Fellowship from harm


  • Always protect my Falcon from harm
  • Never speak to prideful Gai-Jin
  • Always obey the Prince’s instructions


Mark of Privilege, Sworn Homage, Savvy, Deadly Precision (Sword), Handsome


  • Noble Court of Ivalice (1D)
  • Noble Court of Nihon (2D)


  • Oni Battousai (Demon Murderer) (2D)
  • Matsumura Sensei (1D)


  • Oni Lords (Hostile, 2D) – The plague upon mankind and upon this man’s life
  • Crown Prince of Nihon (Diamyo) (2D) – The student, the Prince, the Surrogate Son
  • Hamamoto Yoshihiro (2D, Hostile) – The childhood friend turned rival for all the wrong, yet honorable, reasons
  • Katrina Solomon (2D, Romantic) – The spark of hope that could reignite the passion for life in the dying Samurai


  • Plated Mail
  • Run of the Mill Arms (Sword, Knives, Naginata)
  • Great Bow
  • Finery (Court Kimonos, Fine shoes)
  • Traveling Gear
  • Clothing
  • Paper, Parchment and Scrolls
  • Pet Falcon “Ryouichi”
  • Warhorse “Yojimbo”
  • Wedding band of Ryouichi Matsumura
  • Origami Crane from Shinji Matsumura


  • None

The Way of the Sword is my life. It has been my family’s obligation to serve the Crown of Nihon. In servitude to the Emperor, my childhood friend, in time, became my life long rival. I think of his fury, even now, and remember only the boy I once knew.

When the Northern Oni War clouded the skies of Nihon with Blood & Ash, I rode to defend my Emperor. While men we had known since childhood were torn asunder and eaten by the Oni, somehow Yoshihiro and I survived. He was rewarded with land and title while I was spirited away for another task.

I was to become the teacher of future Samurai. I lead them in the ways of the Sword while Yoshihiro lead them to war. In time, I was instructed to teach the Crown Prince as well as lead his personal guard. I took this responsibility to heart, counting him not only as a student, but as close to me as my own son.

Ryouichi, my wife of an arranged marriage, lived her life hating me. She yearned for the freedom only the Emperor can grant and was given to an honored Teacher of Men, not a Warrior of Honor. Our son dying did us no favors. We were married for 20 years.

Just as we had found some measure of peace and the love we both sought for so long, illness found her and she was taken from me. My despair was a mountain upon my shoulders and I asked for the right to join her in death, bringing honor to the charred remains of my family. Yoshihiro offered to end my life but the Prince forbade it; he had plans for me yet.

My Lord Prince commands me to accompany him to the North, to Ivalice. He requests my council there concerning the Eclipse. He asks for my advice in many things, and yet it is his choices that must guide our country. I cannot advise him as Sensei forever. One day, I will be gone and he will sit upon his father’s Throne.

I know little of Ivalice or it’s people. Some say we are not so different, but I see intrigue and disgrace alongside honor and duty. But most of all, I sense the same unease as when the Oni Lords crept about the shadows. When they show themselves, Ivalice shall see why they called me Oni Battousai…

Though she is years gone, I feel her here in this foreign land. The smell of that Sakura tree, which grows only in Nihon, above her grave. A sight of the blue silk kimono that was burned to ashes before my eyes. The rare laugh only she could make.

May the Prince solve this mystery and save Nihon before I join her beneath that Sakura Tree.

Sensei Matsumura Katsuo

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