Isaiah Rosenberg

Diplomat, Advisor to the Court of Omdalia, Chief Ambassador to Ivalice


Age: 58
Height: 5’9”
Weight 170 lbs


Isaiah has grown up in the Court of Omdalia as his parents were wealthy landowners and his father was a member of the Great Sanhedrin. Even as a yound child, Isaiah had a way with words and the ability to persuade people to do what he wanted, a gift used of his 7 siblings with great frequency. Thanks to his fathers influence, Isaiah became the student of the Omdalian Ambassor to Ivalice, Mordechai Kaminski. After Mordechai’s death in Ivalice, and the deaths of several Omdalians that followed, dipolmatic relations were virtually servered between the two countries. Since that time Isaiah has work tirelessly, though in vain, to reestablish relations with Ivalice. In light of current events, he has finally persuaded the Queen and Council to send a delegation to Ivalice to work toward a diplomatic solution.

Isaiah Rosenberg

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