Hiraku Hidayoshi

Court summoner for Nihon



The Lucavi and oni are demons just like the rest they can be bargained with and controlled; I will question those involved with the war of Lucavi

The emperor has entrusted me to the prince his only son I will obey his every word



If threatened cast Magic whistle at opponent

If I see cheese and pass steel test smite it

Never let harm come to my spirt familiar


Emporor NaKaji 2D friendly
Prince Nikohiro 2D Hateful


It is a great Honor that the emperor has entrusted me to help protect and guide his only son into a new land. I am somewhat surprised the emperor choose me am move accustomed to circles of daemons and seraphs than courts and nobles. I am city born not even a noble while I am working in the court as a summoner I have failed them before as the court sorcerer and now can only cast the most basic of spells. What can I say I must pursue what interests me…the daemons that created a war in ivalice interest me but I must stay steadfast to my task. I will ensure he is safe and attempt to not embarrass him again…

Hiraku Hidayoshi

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