Henrik Nar’Larg

Only child of Theo Larg, Head of A and M Corps, Bastard


Age: 32
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 215


The illegitimate and only known child of Theo Larg, Henrik is the only descendent of the obsolete House Larg. With no real prospects as a child, his mother was a lady of questionable occupation; he joined the Ivalician military as a page boy and eventually achieved knighthood. He was unaware of his true lineage until the age of 18, when his mother passed away. He met his father only a handful of times before his death, five years ago. At that time, he took over and restarted A&M Corps with Annika Goltana to make a name for himself. He still keeps a relatively low profile.

Henrik Nar’Larg

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