Gabriel Bunanza

Youngest son of Annalise Kenderick-Bunanza, Captain of the Royal Guard in Gallione, Relentless Guardian


Age: 33
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 150 lbs

Reputation: The Relentless Guardian

Lifepaths: City Born, Duelist, City Guard, Captain of the Guard, Sergent, Captain

Traits: Mercenary, Fearless, Drunk, Exasperated, Confident, Lucky, Saavy


Born into a world of conflict, Gabriel has fought to survive. His first memories are not of being held in his mother’s arms but those of his bodyguard, Lars. Most of his younger years were spent with his brother, Lars and Lars’ wife Katrina in Goug Machine City, his father was around but spend most of his time at see or in his shop working on the strange machines. His childhood is scattered with memories of awaking at night to strange noises. Lars would awaken to investigate them and return covered in dirt and what appeared to be blood. Gabriel begged Lars to teach him how to fight and he was told when he was older. When his uncle ascended to the throne, the late night noises stopped but Gabriel’s desire to fight had not. Lars taught him the skills he learned in the East and he used these skills to protect his beloved city. When the House Bunanza decided to expand there interests to include the province of Gallione. Annalise promoted her son to the rank of Captain of put him in charge of the fledgling miltary force. While on a mission in the Forests of Gallione he and his men came across a young, unkept women wondering in the woods injured and bleeding. They took her in and bandaged her wounds, her name was Juliana Orlandu. She begged to join the House Bunanza military and soon proved herself to be a valuable assest. Gaberial soon began to fall in love with the mysterious young women and the two have been inseperable ever since.

Gabriel Bunanza

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