Lord Broderick Orlandu

Nephew of “Thundergod” Cid Orlandu, Father of Juliana Orlandu, Keen Businessman


Age: 58
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 240 lbs


Nephew of Count Cidolfas “Thundergod Cid” Orlandu. One of the only members of the House Orlandu to serve the War of the Lucavi, Borderick has worked tirelessly advance the interests of the House Orlandu. A keen business minded man and devote follower of the Murand Glabagos Church his whole life, when the formal church hierarchy was disbanded by the current king, Broderick saw a unique opportunity. He purchased the land that the churches sat on for cheap and arranged agreements with the loyal congregants to keep their building at a “fair” price. This has allowed him and his family to live very comfortably and achieve a respectable standing in the Court of Ivalice.

Lord Broderick Orlandu

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